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AdRelevance - services fact sheet


Whether You Buy, Sell, Create Or Analyze Ads Online, You Need Actionable, Timely Intelligence To Answer The Tough Questions:

    Where, when and how much are your competitors advertising?

    Which companies are spending money with your competitors?

    What new campaigns have your top prospects or competitors launched in the last week?

    Which companies are adopting rich media?

    Which technologies should you support?

    Who makes the buying decisions for your top prospects?

Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance has the answers. It maps the online advertising landscape, giving you the insight you need to develop and execute successful sales and marketing initiatives.

AdRelevance is the most comprehensive online advertising intelligence available. It captures advertising activity across all major industries, channels, ad formats and ad types on the Web. It’s the only online advertising measurement system that mimics the actual Internet user population by automatically adjusting itself to traffic patterns.

An intuitive, award-winning interface means you can easily access and customize AdRelevance data – right from your desktop.

Smart technology – a clear advantage
AdRelevance’s Cloudprober technology keeps pace with the ever-changing online world. Its geographically distributed probes dynamically respond to Web traffic patterns 24 hours a day to capture the most ad data, even from time- and demand-sensitive pages. The result is an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of what’s really happening online. Gain the benefits of AdRelevance through the following capabilities:

    Comprehensive coverage – Measures and reports on more than 500,000 distinct URLs close to six million times per week and is the only service to report on over 100 subsites.

    Unparalleled accuracy – Probes higher trafficked pages more frequently to accurately capture all online ad activity at any point in time.

    Thorough measurement – Provides impressions, rate-card equivalent spending and creative content for all standard ad sizes and ad types, including banners, buttons and rich media.

    Extensive ad dimensions and rich media coverage – Reports on 15 ad dimensions as well as the most popular rich media types including, Flash, Enliven, Klip-Ad, EyeWonder and custom Java banners.

    Granular reporting – Captures ad activity on all levels of a site receiving visitor traffic, including channels and subchannels.

“Nielsen//NetRatings has become the currency for online advertising, and we rely on its suite of services to conduct business in the interactive marketplace.”

    Customized Reports at a Click – Instantly generate customized, savable Web-based reports that show rate-card value, impressions, placement and even an entire creative portfolio of the actual ads you choose. Filter your search to find online advertising for a specific company, brand, product, segment or industry classification or Web location.

    Enhanced Charts and Graphs – View impressions and rate card value on the same graph and chart multiple companies across multiple sites with one query. Using Flash technology, you can drill down in charts to view more detailed information.

    House Ad Tracking – Add or subtract house ads from reports instantly with one click.

    Extensive Industry Coverage – Advertising is tracked in more than 200 market segments, including health, government, education and nonprofit industries.

    AdAlert Email Notification – Get advertising intelligence and sales opportunities delivered to your desktop. AdAlert sends you email whenever the online advertising events that you define take place. You’ll never miss a competitive threat or sales lead again.

    AdContact Prospecting Tool – Instantly access prioritized media buyer contact information within the AdRelevance interface. AdContact offers a continually updated database of the top Internet advertisers’ media buyers, generating highly qualified advertising sales leads in real time.

    AdLink – A real-time check on sponsored link advertising by keyword across 20 of the top search engines.

    AdAcross (Optional) – Compare online spending for Fortune 500 advertisers against 15 offline media, including television, magazines, newspapers and radio. AdAcross is offered through a partnership with Nielsen Monitor-Plus, and is available as a premium service.

About Nielsen//NetRatings
Nielsen//NetRatings is the global standard for Internet audience measurement and analysis and is the industry’s premier source for online advertising intelligence with its NetView, @Plan, AdRelevance and WebRF services. Covering 70 percent of the world’s Internet usage, the Nielsen//NetRatings services offer syndicated Internet and digital media ratings reports and custom-tailored data to help companies gain valuable insight into their business.


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